Sell Bowman Auto Group your car today for a fair price that can't be beaten!

Get cash for your car in Clarkston, MI

At Bowman Auto Group in Clarkston, we offer you the opportunity to sell us your car for a fantastic price! We will look at what you have to offer and give you cash today for your convenience. We won't bog you down with complex processes because you need that cash in your pocket right now, and we understand! We operate with immense transparency so that you can get the cash as soon as possible at Bowman Auto Group. Everything is copacetic, and we have a working knowledge of all vehicles to give you a fair price. We guarantee you will sell your car with us today and are happy to help you out!

We will buy from you near Waterford Township, MI

At Bowman Auto Group, we will effectively make an offer you can't refuse by putting cash on the table and buying your car from you no matter what the condition. We will consider all the variables and will effectively determine what we can give you. From there, we will put the offer on the table, and you will be able to walk off our lot feeling confident that you got a great bargain. We are happy to service your needs effectively through our analytical inspection of your vehicle. Waterford and Auburn Hills customers are in good hands when you visit Bowman Auto Group to purchase your car from you and give you a good amount of cash today!

Appraisal process is quick and easy

Often, the appraisal process can be arduous, but with Bowman Auto Group, we are efficient and experienced in our craft to streamline the process and get your cash in hand with expedient results. There are always some details that need to be hammered out, but we have been operating in the industry for a long time and know-how to handle each vehicle safely. We know that you need to get this car off your shoulders as fast as possible, and that's why the appraisal process is quick and easy for your convenience. You won't have to dread a lengthy process when you visit us today because we have vast experience making this process easy for you. We take care of the hard part and allow you to get going as quickly as possible. We promise that it will be quicker and more convenient than other locations, and you will leave with cash in your pocket today without any long waits!

Comprehensive trade-in form with a guestimate

We will give you a trade-in form that is easy to understand, and you can fill it out the same day you visit us. You will then get an accurate guestimate of how much it will be worth after processing it. This is great for you because we are fast when dishing out the cash for your vehicle. We are delighted to purchase all makes and models, and you will be satisfied with our supreme customer service. Our dealership is warm and inviting when selling your car, and we are happy to get things moving for you today. We know that there are pressing matters where you need the cash quickly, which is why our process is streamlined: so you get your cash quickly. You will take confidence in our process because we have handled purchasing a wide range of vehicles. You will immediately know when you receive the estimate that you're working with trained professionals who have your best interest in mind. Visit us today to sell your car with the perfect result! Whether you're in Bloomfield or Rochester Hills, we're here to help.

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Get Your Vehicle Trade-In Value Appraised by Bowman Auto Group in Clarkston MI

If you're looking to buy a quality used car from Bowman Auto Group, and want a way to save, using your current ride as a trade in makes plenty of sense. With our trade-in form, it's easy to get the estimated value of your vehicle online so you have a better idea of what your car is worth, so you can use it toward the purchase of an upgrade!

How to Used Our Trade-In Form

The form to get your trade in estimate is simple. Put in the model year, make, model and trim level and then enter some contact information and you'll be directly sent a market report on your vehicle. This gives you an idea of pricing and resale value for your vehicle, detailing many different factors, so you can get a trade-in price that not only works for you, but is based on local research and thorough information.

From there, you can decide your course of action. If you'd like to move forward with a trade in, you can contact us and we can verify the status of the trade in and offer you a value within the estimated range provided all the information is accurate. We can then help you apply it toward the purchase of a vehicle and craft a finance plan for you.

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Here at Bowman Auto Group you're going to find the following options:

You're also able to shop by body type as we have:

There's used cars from all price ranges including bargain used vehicles here, and we're confident you can find the right fit, and get standout value when you trade in your current vehicle toward the purchase of one of our options. Serving drivers near Waterford, Bloomfield and Auburn Hills MI.