Value Your Trade at Bowman Auto Center

Discover Your Vehicle's Current Market Value When Selling Your Car in Clarkston, MI

From the moment you take the keys until it's time to trade in your vehicle, the Bowman Auto Center is with you every mile. That's why we provide a simple trade-in process. By selling your car to the Bowman Auto Center, you hand in the keys and receive a top-dollar appraisal offer without the hassles. It all starts with valuing your trade online. Discover the worth of the vehicle you no longer drive around Detroit before selling your car in Clarkston, MI.

How to Value Your Trade at Bowman Auto Center

Begin by valuing your trade online with the Bowman Auto Center's online appraisal tool powered by TradePending. All it takes is two steps and 10 seconds for Clarkston car sellers to receive information on their vehicle's current market value.

Enter the vehicle's model year, make, model and trim level. This allows the TradePending appraisal tool to generate an online estimate, based on local supply around Detroit, the local market demand, and the estimated value. Finalize your online appraisal by entering your name, email, and phone number, so we can reach you regarding your car's appraisal.

Local Supply

Your TradePending market report will generate information on the current local market supply. This will inform you of similar vehicles in the Detroit area. The rarer your car is, the more likely it is that your trade-in value will be high.

Local Market Demand

The Bowman Auto Center loves bolstering our used inventory, especially with high-demand vehicles. If the car you're selling has a higher demand and is better than average vehicles in the local market, your trade-in value will soar.

Estimated Value

TradePending uses real-time market data to generate an offer of what your car is currently worth. This estimated value gives Clarkston, MI car sellers a better idea of what they want to do with the vehicle they no longer drive.

Schedule Your On-Site Appraisal in Clarkston, MI

After valuing your trade online, Bowman Auto Center's appraisal team will reach out to you to schedule an on-site appraisal in Clarkston, MI and if you're interested in redeeming the cash offer.

At your in-person appraisal, our experts will assess the vehicle you're selling, going over its condition and verifying the trade-in information. Bowman Auto Center's appraisal team will present you with a same-day cash offer. Clarkston, MI car sellers can choose to redeem this offer and walk away by selling their car for cash or upgrading to another vehicle.

If they choose the latter payment method, the Bowman Auto Center offers a wide variety of used SUVs, sedans, trucks, and vans in our pre-owned inventory for trading in and trading up. Make any pre-owned car purchase more affordable by taking the cash payment as a trade-in credit and making a sizable down payment.

Value your trade today! Don't forget you can sell any make or model you drive to the Bowman Auto Center!