Crossover Vehicle Perks You May Want to Consider

The crossover is a very popular vehicle because of several factors. The styling has come a long ways in recent years. The exteriors are now sleek, not boxy, and the interior space is plentiful.

Many crossovers have third-row seating. Third-row seating is versatile. It can be laid flat for cargo or popped up for additional passengers. The seating is easy to configure with only the pull of a tab or push of a button. Crossovers are easier to maneuver than some SUV vehicles because they are constructed off a car platform. SUVs begin with a truck platform. 

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Important Back to School Carpool Tips to Get Familiar With

These carpool safety tips will help keep you and your passengers safer as the school year gets back into full swing. Once you decide which parents are in the carpool this year, designate one day for one parent. Not only will it be easier for the parents to remember which day they are behind the wheel, the kids are going to associate a certain parent with a certain day of the week too. This ensures they get into the right car in a timely manner from school. 

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Why You Should Dispel Motor Oil Myths

There are a number of things you need to take into consideration when it comes to your vehicle's routine maintenance and repairs. You need to make sure fluid levels are topped off periodically, including the oil, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Your brakes should be inspected, and you need air filters and oil filters changed out. These maintenance items contribute to how efficient your vehicle is overall.

When it comes to your motor oil, you may have been given advice at some point that doesn't work for your specific vehicle. 

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How to Decide if All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet are Right for You?

Our team here at Bowman Auto Center wants to help you decide between all-weather floor mats or carpeting inside your vehicle. Drivers who live in a region of the country where snow and rain are simply part of the seasonal conditions will appreciate having all-weather mats installed over the stock flooring in the vehicle. These all-weather floor mats can be cleaned in seconds by simply running the hose over them and allowing the mats to dry. These mats are also useful for the driver who is constantly spilling things inside their vehicle. 

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It is Important to Know the Difference Between Towing and Payload Capacity

When you purchase a new truck, you need to know what it can handle. You have to understand the difference between the towing capacity of the truck and the payload capacity of it. Bowman Auto Center can help you learn the difference between those two numbers.

The towing capacity of a vehicle refers to the maximum weight that the vehicle can haul behind it. You can load up a trailer with that amount of weight and trust your truck to handle it. The payload capacity of a truck is the amount of weight that the truck can hold inside of…

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Why Do You Have to Wiggle Your Key in the Ignition Switch to Get Your Car to Start?

In your car, the ignition switch is the method by which you start your vehicle. Turning the key in the ignition switch closes the circuit allowing current to flow through the ignition system. If you need to wiggle the key to get the current to flow, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

There are two possible problems with your ignition system if you must wiggle your key to get the car to start. When the switch does not turn unless you wiggle the key, then there is excessive wear inside the switch. 

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What is a Differential and Does it Need to be Serviced?

The more you know about your vehicle and all the parts that work together to keep it running properly, the better you can keep your vehicle maintained. And the more regularly your vehicle is serviced, the less time and money you will have to spend on costly repairs.

One of the perhaps lesser known parts of your vehicle is the differential, and you will usually find it between either the front or back tires underneath your car. The differential is a box with gears, and its job is to help deliver power to the drive wheels. 

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Reading Your Tire Sizes and Tire Pressure

Do you know what kind of tires you have? You mave have picked out the brand, but there are a string of numbers that mean different things on the tire than you'd expect. Tire sizes are not easy to understand with all of the different letters and numbers. However, if you look at the beginning of the string, the letter P will tell you that it is a P-metric tire, which means that it was made to meet the quality restrictions imposed in the United States for passenger vehicles.

However, if there are no letters in the beginning, then…

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Learn Motor Oil Viscosity Rating Basics

As a responsible driver, you surely know that periodic oil changes extend your engine's life, but you may not understand motor oil viscosity ratings. We can help at the Bowman Auto Center in Clarkston, MI!

To decipher viscosity ratings, you must first understand viscosity. In short, viscosity measures a liquid's resistance to flow. If we tip a dish of water, that water will instantly move. Thus, water has low viscosity. Now, consider molasses. If you tip its container, molasses reacts slowly. 

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The Alternator Keeps Your Car Starting

There are few feelings on earth worse than the one you experience when turning the key to your car and hearing the familiar whine of a dead battery. Maybe you left the lights on, maybe the door is open, but maybe it is because your alternator is not working like it should. Your vehicle's alternator is what recharges your battery after it is used to start your car.

When the alternator is not working properly, it will not recharge your battery while driving. 

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