Keeping my fuel system in good shape, will help extend the life of an automobile. At the very least, the service could deliver better fuel economy, reducing the cost of driving in Clarkston.

As the name suggests, the fuel system inside a car, truck, or another vehicle stores the fuel and feels it to the engine. The various parts in the fuel system require attention at some point. If the fuel filter clogs, expect problems. The same would be the case with dirty fuel injectors. So, a Bowman Auto Center technician may suggest changing the filer and cleaning the injectors.

Fuel system service also involves performing inspections of the fuel pump and injectors. If these components have any problems, a technician may replace them. Rough idling, poor acceleration, and a drop in gas mileage could indicate issues with the fuel system.

An inspection could uncover leaks in the fuel lines/hoses. Such leaks are dangerous, as the vehicle could catch fire.


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