A tire blowout can be frightening, as well as a safety risk. That's why you'll want to take preventative steps to lower the chances of it happening. Follow these tips for avoiding a tire blowout.

Checking your tire pressure regularly is one of the best ways to avoid a blowout. Vehicles built after 2007 come equipped with a monitoring system to inform you of each tire's current pressure. It's important to know your model's recommended pressure and to check every so often to be sure they are within range. If you're planning a long trip away from Clarkston, you'll definitely want to take time to check your tires.

Another aspect to monitor is the condition of your tire's tread. Inspect the tires for wear and bald spots. You'll also want to look for cracks or bulges in the rubber. Driving on tires that are in poor condition is sure to do damage and could likely result in a blowout.

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