It is a non-compressible liquid that transmits hydraulic pressure within the braking system. It composes various components that aid in the slowing movement at the wheels. The vehicle will cause a slowdown or stop.

The brake fluid consists of various characteristics which include:

  • Material compatibility - Brake fluid must be standard with the brake system component.
  • Anticorrosion - It consists of various corrosion inhibitors. They protect the metal components like calipers and master cylinders.
  • Thermal stability and oxidative resistance - Braking involves the conversion of kinetic energy into heat through friction. The heating is considerable and relies on the speed of your vehicle.

The chemistry behind the brake fluid is that it comes with various types of content. They improve boiling point by making the fluid remain in constant viscosity. It is hydroscopic, making it absorb any moisture. At a certain point, you will need to change your car brake fluid. Remember to choose the right fluid as specified in your model manual.


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