The Alternator's Function and Signs That it Needs to be Replaced

When you go to start your car in the morning and it doesn't turn over, the battery may be bad. You might also be having trouble with your alternator. Bowman Auto Center wants you to know about the function of the alternator and the signs that indicate that the alternator might need to be replaced.

The alternator is also called a generator. Once the battery has turned the car over, the alternator works in conjunction with the battery to provide electricity to operate the lights and other functions of the car. The alternator also charges up the battery while the car is running.

When the alternator is going bad, the alternator warning light might come on on your vehicle's dashboard. If you notice that your headlights or interior lights are dimmer than normal, your alternator might be bad. Bad alternators can make a high pitched noise and smell like burning rubber.



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