Is There Something Wrong with the Car's Ignition?

Problems with a car's ignition can prove aggravating. When you have somewhere to go, you don't want a vehicle to give you any trouble starting. Ignition system parts, like other components, do wear out. Be mindful of problematic signs so you can take action.

A grinding noise is probably the most apparent sign of ignition woes. Commonly, the culprit is a worn starter drive gear, although there could be mechanical issues hampering one that is still in good condition. Don't ignore grinding noises. Continually starting up the car and allowing the grinding to continue might lead to a damaged flywheel. Additionally, that whining noise that you hear when you crank the engine is known as freewheeling. Drivers may choose to ignore such sounds as "no big thing." Never ignore an odd noise. These noises usually indicate trouble.

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