In Pursuit of Better Fuel Economy

For all the advancements in modern vehicles, there's still one aspect they share with their much older counterparts: they run on fuel. At Bowman Auto Center, we want to help you save money whenever we can, including when it comes time to fill up your gas tank. Here are a few tips to help you stretch your fuel as long as possible.

One tip we can all take to heart as we drive around town is to drive more sensibly. Regularly exceeding the speed limit, accelerating quickly, and other aggressive maneuvers put more wear-and-tear on your vehicle and burn more fuel compared to steady, sensible driving. Another good idea is to avoid excessive idling. Running your engine when you could turn it off results in unnecessary fuel burn and avoidable pollution.

If you have a concern about your vehicle's fuel economy, come by our dealership and explore our range of like-new or low-mileage used cars for sale.



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