Start at the Top to Get Clean Tires

The tires on your vehicle might seem like they would be difficult to clean because of their shape, but there are some tips that you can put to use to clean them a bit easier. Begin washing your tires at the top. This will allow for the dirt and debris to slide down the area that hasn't been cleaned yet.

Use a different bucket and sponge when you clean your tires as these are areas that usually get dirtier than other areas of your car. A long brush with stiff bristles works best when cleaning your tires to remove as much dirt as possible.

Find a cleaner that is suitable for your tires. There are cleaners that give a shine to the tires as well as those that clean more of the wheel instead of the tire and give it a shiny appearance. Start by cleaning the wheels before you clean the tires to eliminate brake dust and other dirt first.



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