Games for a Peaceful Road Trip

On any road trip, the utterance of the question, "Are we there yet," is almost a foregone conclusion. At Bowman Auto Center, we want to take the anxiety and boredom out of your next summer trip by offering these fun games you and your kids can play as you head down the road.

The first option is the always-popular license plate game. This one is especially effective because it tends to last the entire trip. All you have to do is try and find license plates from as many different states as possible. There are even sheets you can print to help you keep track of your progress. Another option is 20 Questions, wherein the occupants of the car try to guess what person, place, or thing that Player One has in mind.

We want your travels away from home to be fun and safe. Before you hit the road, stop by an auto service center to ensure your car is ready to go.



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