Build a Winter Survival Kit: Be Prepared!

Preparing for the worst in winter driving is essential for safety, especially when you are driving in icy conditions. We at Bowman Auto Center want our community to prepare for all types of weather, so we've compiled a few tips on how to build a survival kit.

If you know the weather is going to be especially harsh, it is a good idea to keep your survival kit close to you inside the car, instead of in your trunk. Standard items that will keep you warm and healthy include gloves, extra clothes, blankets, hats, food, and water.

Items that are necessary to get your car going again are jumper cables or a portable battery charger, a tow rope or chain, tire chains, a shovel, flashlights, batteries, a portable cell phone charger, and even a portable GPS so you can determine your location if your phone stops working. Find a sturdy box to keep your items in and make sure to check your spare tire and include a jack before you head out.



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