You spend a lot of time and money keeping your vehicle in top-notch shape. That's why it's such a pain when you're behind a truck that doesn't have any mud flaps. The wheels fling up a small rock, and then you're stuck with a chip in your windshield. While it's not the best situation, you can have the windshield repaired to make it stronger.

When a windshield repair company fixes a chip in the windshield, the technician injects resin into the chip so that the point of damage is stronger. It's not exactly like having a new windshield, though. You'll still be able to see the chip, and it's still not as strong as an undamaged windshield.

While repairing a chip can help you avoid the need to purchase a new windshield, you need to be aware that not all damage can be repaired. If the glass is cracking, you'll likely need to replace the windshield.



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