When a vehicle fails to crank, the battery may or may not need to be replaced. In this guide, you'll learn what steps you should take when a car battery doesn't provide power to key electrical systems.

The weather can impact a car battery's cells. For example, following multiple rainstorms, water could soak a battery's posts, and the moisture may cause corrosion, which is a problem because a corroded post can't supply power to electrical systems in an automobile. Extreme frost can harm a battery as well; when power cells are frozen, they won't generate electrical currents. This is why you should always consider the weather before spending money on a replacement battery.

If you have a battery that can be recharged, you can energize its cells at Bowman Auto Center. We're professional automotive technicians, so you can rely on our battery maintenance techniques. Our technicians can recharge a battery for a car, truck, or SUV.



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