When Does the Law Require You to Leave an Open Lane?

Did you know that traffic laws require you to leave one lane of empty space in certain situations? At Bowman Auto Center, we publish articles like this one to help you drive better around our city and anywhere you go. Today, we explore these Move Over Laws.

Driving on highways sometimes includes passing accidents, breakdowns and traffic stops. Move Over Laws apply to these situations. They place an impetus on you to merge into another lane before passing. Also, they expect you to allow motorists into your lane to help them comply. If you cannot merge, you must slow down your vehicle significantly.

These laws make motorists, police officers and first responders safer when they are stopped along our nation's roads. Importantly, each state wrote its own Move Over Law. To ensure your full compliance, know a state's Move Over Law before you drive in it. You could save money and a lives.



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