Your Vehicle Needs Brake Fluid

Your vehicle cannot stop without brake fluid. The fluid is a non-compressible substance in the brake lines. Brake fluid operates under intense pressure. It moves the complex components in the vehicle’s braking system.

There are several types of brake fluids. Brake fluids can be classified as glycol-based or silicone-based. Glycol-based brake fluids are common in vehicles that have anti-lock brake systems. Silicone-based fluids are used in vehicles that do not have anti-lock brakes. Trace amounts of glycol-based brake fluid can remain in vehicles that do not have anti-lock brakes, so drivers should never switch to silicone-based fluids after using glycol-based fluids.

Bring your vehicle to Bowman Auto Center when the brake fluid in your vehicle needs to be replaced. Our technicians can inspect your vehicle and remove the old fluid. The replacement fluid will be suitable for your vehicle, and it will meet the manufacturer's requirements.



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