Reading Your Tire Sizes and Tire Pressure

Do you know what kind of tires you have? You mave have picked out the brand, but there are a string of numbers that mean different things on the tire than you'd expect. Tire sizes are not easy to understand with all of the different letters and numbers. However, if you look at the beginning of the string, the letter P will tell you that it is a P-metric tire, which means that it was made to meet the quality restrictions imposed in the United States for passenger vehicles.

However, if there are no letters in the beginning, then you are looking at a Euro tire. The letters LT also have a meaning, these are made for light trucks and require a higher inflation pressure than passenger tires. The first three numbers also refer to the tire width. So if you have a tire that is P200, then you have a tire made in the US that has a width of 200 millimeters.

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