A Flat Tire Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Day

A flat tire is a quick way to ruin your day. The good news is that even if you are not experienced in dealing with this, it is still not that big of a deal once you know and understand what to do in order to get it changed. If you haven't yet had to change a tire, then follow these simple steps:

  • Break the lug nuts loose with the lug wrench
  • Raise the vehicle up off of the ground with the provided jack
  • Remove the lug nuts completely
  • Slide the flat tire off of the vehicle
  • Slide the spare tire onto the vehicle
  • Put the lug nuts back on
  • Lower the vehicle back down to the ground
  • Torque the lug nuts down tightly

If you have any more questions about changing a tire, then call or visit our service center here at Bowman Auto Center in Clarkston, MI.

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