The Basics of Car Gaskets

At the Bowman Auto Center, our specialists want to ensure all car owners know the basics of their vehicle. That is why we want to educate you on car gaskets. WHat are gaskets and why are they so important for your vehicle? Read on to find out!

Gaskets create an airtight seal between two surfaces in your car which are designed to keep all engine fluids and gasses in and other fluids out, such as rain. One of the most common reasons that your car overheats is because it doesn't have enough motor oil. When motor oil is too low, there is less lubrication and more heat from friction. As the engine heats up the gaskets are exposed to too high of temperatures, they are at a much higher risk of failure. This can lead to even further engine fluid leakage.

If you would like a quality service team to look over your car's gaskets and other components or perform any other type of work on your car, then feel free to give us a call or stop on by our Clarkston, MI dealership today!