How to Decide if All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet are Right for You?

Our team here at Bowman Auto Center wants to help you decide between all-weather floor mats or carpeting inside your vehicle. Drivers who live in a region of the country where snow and rain are simply part of the seasonal conditions will appreciate having all-weather mats installed over the stock flooring in the vehicle. These all-weather floor mats can be cleaned in seconds by simply running the hose over them and allowing the mats to dry. These mats are also useful for the driver who is constantly spilling things inside their vehicle.

Drivers who keep the inside of their vehicle in pristine condition all year might prefer carpeting to the rubber mats. The carpeting comes in a variety of materials and can be chosen in any color that closely matches the interior of the vehicle. In the market for other vehicle accessories? Come to our auto parts shop so we can order these parts for you.



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