Learn Motor Oil Viscosity Rating Basics

As a responsible driver, you surely know that periodic oil changes extend your engine's life, but you may not understand motor oil viscosity ratings. We can help at the Bowman Auto Center in Clarkston, MI!

To decipher viscosity ratings, you must first understand viscosity. In short, viscosity measures a liquid's resistance to flow. If we tip a dish of water, that water will instantly move. Thus, water has low viscosity. Now, consider molasses. If you tip its container, molasses reacts slowly. Therefore, it has high viscosity. Let's apply this knowledge to motor oil. Oil's viscosity is higher when it is cold. That fact corresponds to the number left of the W in a rating like 5W-20. When it heats, oil achieves lower viscosity, so a motor oil viscosity rating essentially tells you an oil's temperature range.

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