The Alternator Keeps Your Car Starting

There are few feelings on earth worse than the one you experience when turning the key to your car and hearing the familiar whine of a dead battery. Maybe you left the lights on, maybe the door is open, but maybe it is because your alternator is not working like it should. Your vehicle's alternator is what recharges your battery after it is used to start your car.

When the alternator is not working properly, it will not recharge your battery while driving. Additionally, it will cause all of the electronics in your car to run off the battery instead, draining it faster and shortening its overall lifespan. Eventually, the car will not run at all with a completely dead alternator.

If you are experiencing frequent dead battery incidence or other symptoms such as poorly functioning electronics, you need to bring your vehicle in for servicing at Bowman Auto Center today. Our excellent auto parts and repair team can have your car running right in no time.

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